Shadowtail's Critter Queen is our natural bobtailed, Cadillac  Jack bred mountain Feist dog.  Critter is out of GRSQCH Combs Pudgie x SQCH Shadowtail's River Queen and is a fine, young squirrel dog.  Critter started treeing wild squirrels around 8 months old and has been a pleasure to work with ever since.  Critter is a perfect example of what I like in a squirrel dog.

Critter Queen normally hunts at a run and ranges within 300 yards on most days.  She hunts in wide circle patterns and uses her nose, eyes, and ears to locate squirrels in any conditions. Critter has a very good nose on her and she knows how to use it.

Shadowtail's Critter Queen

D.O.B.   12-31-14

Height - 18in

Weight - 28lbs

Pictures of Shadowtail's Critter Queen