Shadowtail's Winnie Cooper is our female Buckley Mountain Feist.  Winnie is a very gamey squirrel dog that is very agile and built on a large frame.  She has proven time and time again to be a fine little combination dog and we hunt her on raccoon as well as squirrel.  Winnie is a very instinctual hunter and she will go tooth to claw with any game animal in her path. Winnie hunts in a wide circle pattern and ranges out, on average to 200  yards, farther if the game is spread out.  She has a great mouth on her and a loud bark to match. We started treeing squirrels with her when she was around 9 months old.

Shadowtail'sWinnie Cooper

D.O.B.  2-12-2012

Height - 17in

Weight - 24lbs

Pictures of Shadowtail's Winnie Cooper