Squirrel Dog Training

We are located in Cannelton, Indiana. We are also just minutes from the great Ohio river and the southern reaches of Hoosier National Forest.  We have decided to take on 2 to 4 extra dogs during squirrel season to hunt and hunt alongside our squirrel dogs in some cases.  We are willing to accept Mountain Feist dogs from 8 months of age and older. I am willing to offer a discount on training for dogs from our kennel and dogs that descend from our stock of dogs. 

What does squirrel dog training consist of?

Our training program will focus in on 3 areas of training.  These are Handling, Starting, and finishing.  I will briefly give a brief explanation of what each type of training involves below.

* Handling - Mainly for young, unstarted dogs and started dogs. Focuses on walking on lead, Loading and unloading from dog box, barking on command, treeing etiquette. All dogs will also be conditioned to a Garmin collar and a training collar. No dogs will be shocked at any time during training/conditioning.

* Starting - Mainly for young, unstarted dogs. Focuses on getting young dogs started hunting squirrel. Basically, this involves a lot of one on one woods time and pointing out squirrel activity to a young dog. Young dog may be hunted with SQCH Shadowtail's River Queen or SQCH CH Shadowtail's Shady Grove from time to time to help build confidence and put the dog under squirrels. I will not consider a dog started until the dog has held 3 solo trees in different locations.

* Finishing - Mainly for started dogs and finished dogs. Focuses in on making a solid squirrel dog. This entails hunting a dog hard in multiple timber types and various locations in Hoosier National Forest and on farm land in and around Perry county, Indiana. Dogs will be worked on their nose, eyes, and ears the majority of the week and will be schooled on holding a tree, staying at the tree, and tying at the tree. All dogs will be given a full days rest between hunts.