My name is Byron melton and I would like to welcome you to Shadowtail Kennels!  I am an avid squirrel hunter and I only hunt squirrel with our Mountain Feist Dogs. I could not consider squirrel hunting by any other means.

We hunt and raise an Appalachian strain of Mountain Feist Squirrel Dog and these are the only type of dog raised, trained, or reproduced here at our kennel, which is located in Cannelton, Indiana near the banks of the great Ohio river. We strive to produce tree minded, stay put  dogs that preform in the squirrel woods regardless of terrain, conditions, or competition.  While I am not a die hard competition squirrel hunter, we thoroughly enjoy entering our dogs in sanctioned hunts when given the opportunity.


 Our squirrel dogs are descendants of Cadillac Jack, Grayson, and Buckley Mountain Feist breeding.  The Mountain Feist dogs we produce are exclusively for use as squirrel hunting dogs or to serve as working dogs on farms or game dogsin other rural areas. Please understand that our kennel does not produce any Mountain Feist puppies or young dogs to be placed into pet or non-hunting homes. Ability is the main focus of our breeding program and I prefer that these dogs are placed with people who will work them and let them realize their full potential as squirrel dogs.

We maintain all of our squirrel dogs in top physical condition and we work our dogs all year long.  We train and hunt our dogs in a wide variety of terrain and conditions in Indiana.  We also hunt our dogs from time to time in North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Tennessee, and Kentucky. 

We welcome anyone interested in hunting with Appalachian Mountain Feist dogs to come along on a hunt with our squirrel dogs and I.  We can hunt at your pace.  Hunting with squirrel dogs is an experience like few others and we can assure you that you'll have a great time!

Be Sure to check out Mountain Feist Squirrel! MFSD.Com is a 100% free to use,  collective knowledge hub for all things Mountain Feist Dog!  keep up with all the current happenings, upcoming events, and everything Mountain Feist squirrel dog without the of the filth and general disgusting garbage that can be found permeating all forms of "social Media". Join in this adventure and partake in the good times ahead! 

 "Proud Hunters Of Appalachian Mountain Feist Squirrel Dogs"
Shadowtail Kennels
AN NKC Licensed Squirrel Dog Kennel
Last update 5/15/2022