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squirrel dogs

 The Appalachian Mountain Feist Dog must first and foremost be a natural squirrel hunter. Any dog produced from our kennel must hunt squirrel to meet our standard.  

Physical Attributes:

*  A wedge shaped head with no loose skin at any point of the head with a Pricked ear carriage. The muzzle is equal length to the skull, thickest at the base, and taping evenly when viewed from above or the side. The nasal bone is straight. The lips are tightly closed, accompanied by a full set of strong, white teeth meeting in a scissors bite.

*  The body is short, powerful and compact. The chest is deep and moderately broad. The body's overall height is slightly shorter than the total length of the body. Height is greatest at the withers, the back is straight and set strong to the base of the tail. The loin is short and muscular, and the tail is either natural bobtailed or docked. The shoulder blades are sloping and the legs straight, strong and firm, set well under the body, and of medium length. Single dewclaws are acceptable on the front legs. The feet are rather small and slightly oval, with thick pads. The toes are tightly closed.

*  The coat is short, thick, and smooth with hair extending no farther than one inch.  The color patterning is considered

 Tricolor White (Predominantly White, Black & Tan) or Tricolor Black (Predominantly Black, White & Tan) with medium to heavy blue & red ticking on the under coat and across the body. 

The Mountain Feist Squirrel dog should have Tricolor (Black, White, & Tan) markings on the neck and head areas with tan markings following the line of the bottom jaw. 

Male Dogs

  Male dogs from our kennel can be expected to grow into the 17 to 18 inch height range and weigh in the area of 26lbs to 30lbs.

Female Dogs

 Female dogs from our kennel can be expected to grow into the 15 to 17 inch height range and weigh in the area of 20lbs to 25lbs.

All of our Mountain Feist dogs have been raised in an indoor & outdoor environment.  We raise all of our puppies indoors.  We house train each dog we raise until 6 months old before they move to the kennels and these dogs handle very well indoors.  While kept outdoors, the dogs are kept in raised cedar bed kennels.

Our squirrel dogs are fed on Victor brand dog food and our Feist are provided fresh water daily.  We feed our dogs Victor Hi pro during the off season then switch out to Victor Performance during squirrel season.   All  pregnant females and puppies are fed on Victor Hi Pro, Dyne liquid, & goat's milk.  Victor is an outstanding brand of dog food and makes for very healthy dogs.  We have a link to their website on our links page.

All of our squirrel dogs are NKC and/or UKC Registered.