Shadowtail's Shady Grove is our female Cadillac Jack bred Mountain Feist dog.  Shady Grove is a fine squirrel dog and she is the most hard driving, accurate squirrel dog I have ever raised.  She was an early starting pup, treeing wild squirrels at 5 months old. 


Shady Grove is built very agile and can cover a lot of ground fast.  She hunts in a wide circle pattern, ranging out to 300 yards, farther if the game is spread out.  She hunts with her Nose, Eyes, and Ears (in that order).  This dog is a true squirrel hunter.

Shadowtail's Shady Grove

D.O.B.  6-17-2013

Height - 17in

Weight - 26lbs

Pictures of Shadowtail's Shady Grove